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My name is Raluca, when I was little, I was taught it means sunrays! I grew up in Europe, inspired by all the history that it had to offer. I first came across Scentsy when I  was building my own studio. I tested the product in my studio for a month and completely fell in love, not to mention everyone that came in was just smitten by it!

I love meeting new people, and strangers all over the world blessing them with the Scentsy products and opportunity. Naturally, being self employed to begin with, like my family taught me, I share the Scentsy opportunity with everyone. I mean, what is better than NOT setting that alarm clock, and NOT asking for time off, and just DOING IT!

In the 3 and a half years that I have been with Scentsy, I earned 8 trips seeing places like the Carribean, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Cruises, Las Vegas, Disneyworldl Nashville and many more, and made Director with a global team of 90! Everyone around the world is loving the product as it naturally basically sells itself! I always say, if you have a nose that works, Scentsy is all yours! ;)

Another reason why I decided to join scentsy was for the friendships and connections. A few months before joining my mother passed away. Having no siblings and only my father around, this was hard at the time.  I knew I had to do something to keep myself busy, a reason to leave the house, a reason to meet new people and put a smile on my face. I needed support, love, and a new light in my life.

What I love about this product is that it does not have that candle burnt wax smell. If I find a Scentsy bar and I LOVE the way it smells that is all that comes out of it. Scentsy extracts the smell and fills your home, car, dryer with a scent that is so relaxing. I was so addicted to their products I thought I may as well join. I love cleaning my home and popping in a new wax and just relaxing.

If you're from overseas well the chances are I'm coming to see ya soon! I love to travel! If you're interested in the Scentsy Opportunity Internationally, in 2013 Scentsy expanded to Australia and Tasmania making the Scentsy Family the fastest growing Direct selling business. In 2014, Scentsy launched in Austria, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain & UK and New Zealand

What are you waiting for? You can actually enjoy your career and let it work for you- not the other way around.

You can spend more time with your family, and not miss a year of their life.
You can see the world for free, with all the possibilities we have at earning a trip!
One of the best parts of being my own boss is that the only person who can fire me is me.|If you are interested in becoming a Scentsy Consultant, or would like more information on how to join Scentsy, host a basket party or home party check out our external fun website or email me!

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You can also order directly off our site and have your goodies delivered anywhere in the United States and Canada, or give us a call and we will place the order for you!

Raluca Ioana - Independant Scentsy Consultant/ Director

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xo Raluca